TubeBuddy Status

There are no known issues currently. If you are finding this page, it's usually because we are in the middle of deploying some awesome new tools and our site will be back up and running in a few minutes. Try back again later...

If you see this page for more than 3 hours and there are no TubeBuddy status updates, then it is a likely a different problem.

Likely solutions:
  1. Completely uninstall and re-install TubeBuddy
  2. If a re-install doesn't fix it, then you are likely being blocked from accessing the website by a firewall or something similar (such as anti-virus). This often happens from a work computer or company Internet connection that has restrictions in place. Please consult with your IT manager and request that access to is not blocked.
  3. If you continue to have issues accessing TubeBuddy please email with details of the issue.

Thanks - Team TubeBuddy